The Scope of investing in Shop-cum-Offices (SCO)

The Scope of investing in Shop-cum-Offices (SCO)

By Kenish Shah


2nd May, 2023


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Let's first understand what SCO plots are Other than that, here is why you should consider investing in shop-cum-office

Commercial real estate has evolved continuously over the past decade. With so many advancements taking place in the sector like Proptech or REITs, investors are looking forward to experimenting with their investments. This has pushed a new and innovative setup called SCO (Shop-cum-office) plots. The hybrid model of working has motivated companies to move to SCO spaces.

Since the pandemic, SCO plots have grabbed the attention of many investors, as these plots offer good returns. If you are considering buying an SCO plot, we have created this handy guide to refer to before investing.

Let's first understand what SCO plots are -

An SCO (i.e. shop-cum-office) is a freehold commercial property where owners own 100% of the land on which they can build retail shops or offices and, in some cases, both!

These plots are getting so popular in major cities of India like Gurgaon and Haryana because these spaces are authentic, modern, and have all the amenities that ensure comfort and accessibility to kickstart a new enterprise.

Be it a new startup or fulfilling a long-lost dream of opening a new restaurant, every commercial wish can be fulfilled through SCO plots. Apart from that, these spaces are resourceful and extremely luxurious. With catchy infrastructure and interior, these classy spaces are bliss to shop at for the customers too!

A unique concept of commercial plots under the Haryana government commercial plotted colony, this policy comprises commercial low-rise development that may be built over multiple floors in a basement plus multiple floors cum offices. These are available in densely populated areas in Gurgaon, where there is a scope for better business and huge returns.

Other than that, here is why you should consider investing in shop-cum-office-

Firstly, the standard design of these plots is pre-sanctioned and approved by the Haryana government.

Secondly, you save on maintenance and parking charges.

Lastly, since it is a freehold plot, you can use, rent and build as per your wish! As per the market demand, SCO plots are constructed in prime locations accessible to all. It has turned out to be highly advantageous to investors and builders. Property at a prime location is a good bet to achieve the highest footfall, tenants or investors.

The SCO establishment assures the possession of the maximum area of the infrastructure. Investors are inclined towards SCOs as they can suggest their setup modifications and opt for plot sizes per their requirements and budget. In these types of properties, the retail stores are built on the ground floors, and the top floors preferably consist of offices and corporates. This way, the retail stores attract huge footfall, and people become aware of the office space on the top floors. This further helps with pulling clients, customers, employees and brand recognition.

The trend of SCOs has emerged the most in metropolitan cities, and Delhi-NCR has always been at the top of the list. This promotes the availability of significant facilities like technical gadgets, healthcare, daily essentials, and more as per the demand of the regional crowd in a common establishment. An SCO has all major facilities to make the workspace and the retail stores customer-friendly, with well-equipped technologies, power backup, and spacious setups.

The infrastructure includes lifts and escalators for moving between floors to make commuters' visits convenient. Besides retail stores, the area may be used as a gym, spa, or other entertainment setups for office pre or post-work hours.

SCOs have been operating in the sector for a while now and are preferred by investors as they have become a trend, and several people are willing to own space in them. The primary target audiences are the working class, which benefits them the most.

Shop-cum-offices help save precious hours of visitors they spend reaching out to multiple locations for various facilities. Currently, the sector shows no signs of decline. The establishment has advanced connectivity to a better lifestyle by promoting a standard facility and making lives more straightforward. The concept has been well received by all and is spreading like wildfire.

Have you made up your mind to invest in shop-cum-office plots by now? Get, set, go! Head to our investment page and find multiple opportunities on our platform, including SCO! Our investment associates will guide you through it all!

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