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What are REITs?

Real estate investment trusts are nothing but a real estate investment portfolio. This portfolio is listed on the stock market which makes it possible for individual investors like you to earn dividend income.


Listed REITs

Mindspace REIT

Mindspace Business Park REIT offers a gateway to one of the largest, Grade A Office portfolios in India. It has a well-diversified portfolio of business and IT parks spread across the key commercial markets of Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune and Chennai.

Mindspace REIT

₹ 0


Market Cap

₹26,400 Cr

Leasable Area

31.8M sq. ft.

Office Assets




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    Why invest in REITs


    You can buy just one share of a REIT starting from roughly ₹350. Buy real estate with just hundreds!

    Instant Liquidity

    REITs offer instant liquidity since it is publicly traded. Imagine buying/selling Real Estate in seconds!

    Tax Benefits

    More than 90% of the dividends you receive are exempt from tax!


    Being publicly traded, REIT’s are regulated by SEBI, making them highly secure.

    Returns of Real Estate affordable to everyone.

    Stocks with the fixed returns of Real Estate.

    Starting from just ₹500.

    Earn points on every transaction.

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    Popular questions

    What is REITs?

    A. REITs, or real estate investment trusts, are like mutual funds that own, finance and operate a portfolio of income-producing real estate.

    How can I invest in REITS?

    A. REITs are publicly listed and traded on the Indian stock market. One can purchase a share of the REIT on PropReturns like purchasing a unit of a mutual fund. As an investor, you can open a new demat account or link your existing broker/Demat account to buy and sell REIT shares through PropReturns.

    How do I earn while investing in REITs?

    A. Investors who buy REIT shares earn returns in two main ways - dividends and capital appreciation of the share price. A REIT earns rental income from its portfolio which it distributes to shareholders as dividends. Apart from that investors can also earn returns from increase in stock price. Mindspace REIT share price has gone up by almost 20% in the last 1 year and has given additional dividends of 5.5-7% per year.

    Why should I invest in REITs?

    A. REIT’s give huge dividends with the potential of long term capital appreciation, being a great hedge against inflation. REITs allow investors to diversify into real estate with just hundreds of rupees and offer instant liquidity. Investors don’t have to worry about day to day management of the property and can earn strong passive income with capital appreciation.

    What types of properties do REITs own and manage?

    A. REITs in India currently own and operate large commercial real estate projects. REITs in other countries also own and operate data centres, warehouses, healthcare units, apartment complexes, etc.

    What are the different REITs in India?

    A. Mindspace Business Parks REIT, Embassy Office Parks REIT and Brookfield India REIT are the 3 existing REITs in India with many more to come.

    What are the tax benefits of investing in REITs?

    A. For the majority of REITs, over 90% of the dividends received in the hands of the shareholders are exempt from tax. Capital Gains from selling shares are taxed on the basis of short term or long term capital gains. It is always better to consult a tax expert for the same.

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    1. Investing in real estate has opened multiple ways to profit from Proptech, which is taking a leap forward. Nowadays, real estate investing is not just solely limited to property investments. The real estate sector has entered the stock market, in the form of ‘REITs’ (i.e Real Estate Investment Trusts).

    2. Let’s first understand what REITs are:

      REITs(Real Estate Investment Trusts) are modelled like mutual funds, a publicly-traded company that owns, manages and finances income-generating properties. REIT companies pool the capital of various investors, giving them an opportunity to earn dividends from real estate investments without having to own, manage or finance a property on their own!

    3. How are REITs beneficial?

    4. 1. Small initial investment:

      As mentioned earlier, property investments need a huge capital to invest. REITs do not have investment limitations. One can invest as low as Rs. 350 or as high as Rs. 50,000 in this investment class and earn annual returns accordingly.

    5. 2. Diversification:

      REITs allow you to diversify your portfolio by giving you exposure to real estate without the hassles related to owning and managing a commercial property. This diversification allows you to go beyond the common investment class like equity, debt, and gold.

    6. 3. Regular income generation:

      Dividends and interest are supposed to be distributed to unit holders by REIT companies according to SEBI rules. This has ensured a maximum distribution of wealth. Moreover, properties under REIT should imperatively be 80% constructed and income-generating. Due to a steady stream of rent income, this ensures regular income generation and lowers the risk of loss.

    7. 4. Professional management:

      REITS are managed by a professional REIT manager and a team of investment experts who put your funds to profit in the long run. Hence, you don’t have to worry abut your investments and be at ease while your money keeps leveraging.

    8. 5. High yield:

      For many people, the main attraction to investing in REITs has always been their high returns on dividends. The average dividend yield on REITs has recently been trending between 6%-8%. Also, the dividend yields are often secured by stable rents from long-term leases and also some REIT managers imply conservative leverage on the balance sheets.

    9. Are REITs a safe investment class?

      Yes! REITs are very safe to invest in, as they are monitored by SEBI (Security Exchange Board of India).
      Now is high time that Indian citizens should start investing in more liquid assets such as REITs. In this inflationary era, it is wiser to hold on to something solid that provides a hedge against inflation and gives more than what you invest(appreciation). So without further due, head on to our REITs page and start investing in REITs for as low as Rs. 500!

    10. Top Options: Mindspace Business Park REIT | Embassy Office Parks | Brookfield India Real Estate Trust