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Frequently asked questions

Commonly asked questions about our products and services.

  1. 1. What is PropReturns:

    Making property investing in India simple, accessible and transparent. We enable buyers to make sound investment decisions backed by data & comprehensive financial analysis. Though the perceived high risk for Commercial Property Investment makes it a bit tricky, it provides excellent appreciation over a longer period. With PropReturns, investors can invest smartly in rent generating commercial properties using detailed analysis. Immediate returns, safe, time-saving, and technology are the four fundamental objectives of PropReturns. From Mumbai to Gurgaon to Hyderabad, as a real estate investor, you can find the best real estate investments in any of the Indian metropolitan cities on PropReturns. The data and general information of each commercial property listed on PropReturns can simplify the decision-making process for the real estate investor. The budget-friendly commercial properties for sale range from offices, banks, warehouses, and retail spaces.

  2. 2. Commercial Properties for sale at best prices online:

    Investing in real estate could be easy if data and analysis along with in-depth market insights are handy. With that being said, PropReturns offers help to those who are willing to invest in real estate online. Making good real estate investments could be tricky sometimes for not only novice investors but for experts too. PropReturns lists various commercial property for sale such as pre leased bank property for sale in Mumbai, pre leased property for sale in Delhi, preleased property for sale in Mumbai, real estate investment Mumbai, and many other real estate opportunities. As the working population of India is seeing a rise, the demand for commercial real estate is rapidly increasing. Thus, from a future perspective, investing in commercial properties can help you reap high returns on investment. However, every means of investment has its own pros and cons. So, does the commercial property investment yet an investor can lower the risk factor if invest only after thorough market analysis, review of the location, lease structure, and assessing the rental earnings after tax and insurance. Though the concept of commercial property investment seems tough on the surface, with the right kind of guidance a rookie investor can also make a fortune in this type of investment. As everything can be found online, so does commercial property for sale. Invest in real estate online with a hassle-free platform like PropReturns.

  3. 3. Investments in Real Estate:

    PropReturns enables buyers to make sound investment property decisions backed by data and comprehensive financial analysis. With everyone vying for making the best property investment, many investors are looking for an ideal land for sale. On the other side, investors are now interested in investing in commercial real estate over conventional real estate. With well-chosen assets, investors can enjoy numerous benefits of investing in real estate such as passive income, stable cash flow, tax advantages, diversification, and leverage. In a nutshell, real estate investors make money through rental income, appreciation, and profits generated by commercial activities. Since now you are aware of various aspects of commercial real estate, you can learn more about investing in real estate property via PropReturns. As the online platform has 6000+ investors in its community, and many of those experts have 45+ years of experience in the market. The PropReturns users will get advice and knowledge that can help them to make a sound commercial real estate decision.

  4. 4. What are the best property investments Options and Investments we offer:

    PropReturns is a budding real estate online platform, currently, we have the best real estate investments in commercial opportunities. Undoubtedly, real estate is the best and safest long-term investment, ahead of other available investment options such as stock, mutual funds, and gold. Owing to the sudden outbreak of Covid-19, the real estate business had hit the rock bottom. However, forecasting results show that it is in a recovery phase. Real estate investment is indeed an umbrella term for various aspects of this market. Interestingly, commercial real estate is not the only option to start investing in real estate online or offline. The other conventional methods of real estate investment include being a landlord, investing in rental properties, and flip investment, are a few to name. However, as mentioned earlier, currently, PropReturns have listed only commercial properties.

  5. 5. For the best commercial real estate investment choose PropReturns:

    As all the information on PropReturns is data-backed with in-depth analysis, as an investor by using PropReturns you can save the time and effort that you, otherwise, had to put in sourcing the properties, verifying the information through our proprietary database and providing detailed financial analysis. As the data and analysis add value for both, buyers and sellers, real estate websites effortlessly attract many eyeballs every month. Investors can explore hundreds of commercial properties within a few hours from the comfort of their couch. PropReturns populate its inventory of the best real estate opportunities in a variety of ways. An investor can see through curated investment properties to select a property that fits your goal from PropReturns hand-picked properties. For each listed commercial property, detailed metrics including IRR, Rental Yield, etc. are mentioned for a better understanding. If the listed property interests you, you can make an instant bid for it through PropReturns.

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