PropReturns raises funds from Gokul Rajaram, Varun Alagh, Kunal Shah, Karan Virwani and many more!
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PropReturns raises funds from Gokul Rajaram, Varun Alagh, Kunal Shah, Karan Virwani and many more!

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Last updated - Sep 23rd, 2022

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  • Taking one step at a time to create a benchmark of transparent real estate investing experience, we move towards our goal of providing investors with a data-backed way of investing in real estate!
  • Let's hear from our co-founder, Jayant Panwar.
  • Our co-founder Somil Mathur says
  • And lastly, our Co-Founder Kenish Shah says

Taking one step at a time to create a benchmark of transparent real estate investing experience, we move towards our goal of providing investors with a data-backed way of investing in real estate!


It is with immense pleasure that we announce - we have secured funding via a strategic round which was led by India’s renowned entrepreneurs. We have grabbed another milestone in this journey and would like to heartily thank our angel investors and partners for motivating us with such strong support. We express our gratitude to

  • Kunal Shah (Founder, Cred)
  • Karan Virvani - (CEO, WeWork India)
  • Varun Alagh - (Co-founder, MamaEarth)
  • Gokul Rajaram - (Board member Pinterest & Coinbase)
  • Raj Shamani (Shamani Industries)

  • 1947 Rise

  • Sandeep Agarwal (Co-Founder at ShopClues and Droom)

  • Nitin Jain (Co-Founder at Of-Business)

  • Venkatesh Sarvasiddhi (MD at Springer Nature India, past country head at Deloitte)

  • Sunny Mirchandani (Director, AK Capital)

  • Yash Malhotra (Nine One Warehouse)

  • Kunwar Raj (Unfinance)

  • Nitesh Damani (Director, Sugal and Damani Group)

Let's hear from our co-founder, Jayant Panwar.

"PropReturns has grown into the largest real estate investment marketplace in just one year of its operation. Our execution and vision for PropReturns have helped us onboard leading angel investors, founders, and Real Estate Veterans in this strategic round, all of whom align with our business. Our goal is to build the largest real estate investment ecosystem in India and this funding will be deployed in scaling up the company by growing transaction volume along with team expansion”

The funds will help in - the expansion of the tech team, adding up more asset classes, entering new markets, increasing the investor base, and adding cool new tech features to our platform.

With the funding, we will be able to reach a wider investor base through the audiences of these brands. Our team is always open to educating folks about investments, giving them opportunities to invest, and providing them with timely financial advice. The round will undoubtedly contribute to the dissemination of a feasible and transparent real estate investment method to a greater extent.

As a PropTech start-up, we use cutting-edge technology to give you crisp financial metrics so that you are well informed in advance about the financial potential of the property. Considering the hassles that conventional property dealing consists of, we put forth end-to-end execution and manage deal flow, paperwork, and documentation for a comparatively faster investment process. We are a one-stop platform that maps the entire investment journey of the investor and provides them with opportunities in their best interest.

Our co-founder Somil Mathur says,

“PropReturns is an of its kind marketplace. We want to allow our users to be able to make Real Estate investments as easily as they invest in stocks or mutual funds. Furthermore, we are a curated platform for all sorts of investments in RE. While most people think about buying a home to diversify into RE - we also want to educate them about the other, more lucrative avenues for diversification. RE provides investment opportunities in rent-generating commercial assets, developer buyback investments, fractional property investing, debt products, REITs, and many more. This is why we focus on providing a host of different investment products,”

We are currently operational in Mumbai and Delhi NCR, but we are now looking forward to expanding geographically. New markets and other Tier 1 & Tier 2 cities such as Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Pune are on our expansion plans. Moreover, the onboarding of these investors will help us partner with more channel partners, developers, and property owners. We also will be focusing on increasing our gross transaction value.

And lastly, our Co-Founder Kenish Shah says,

“Real Estate is India’s most popular asset class, yet it is plagued by a lack of transparency and data. The majority of the Real Estate investment decisions in India are made on gut instincts. At PropReturns, we solve this by providing investors access to curated supply and market trends of the property, allowing them to make an investment decision backed by data. Being a marketplace, users can invest in different asset classes based on their investment philosophy: commercial, plots, REITs, real estate debt, etc. We aim to build the Amazon of Real Estate Investments in India and make real estate investing as simple and transparent as investing in stocks"

Within the course of 1 year, we have been able to conduct 100 Crs+ worth of transactions. We are proud of having a dedicated team who is constantly building an amazing work culture to bring a change in the real estate industry.

We are delighted to be featured in the following publications. Take a look!

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