Retire early by investing in commercial real estate!
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Retire early by investing in commercial real estate!

Last updated - Oct 10th, 2022

With many investment classes that exist, like fixed-income assets, equity, etc. It is obvious to be jargoned about which investment can be the most profitable. Investments are meant to increase your money in numbers and not stagnate it at a particular amount. With rising inflation, the conventional savings method will become non-existent within a few years. So, it is important to smartly invest in an asset that gives lucrative returns. There is no doubt that the real estate sector is progressing every single year.

So it’s a perfect time to invest in real estate and stand a chance to gain unbelievable profits in the future. Those wanting to invest long-term to retire early can consider commercial real estate investment. Commercial real estate investments have now opened doors to new investment options like REITs and pre-leased commercial properties. Both these options assure guaranteed high returns and are affordable enough to invest in. How can these options help you retire early? Firstly, they are investable in terms of affordability, secondly, can surely cover your monthly expenses plus leave a surplus amount in your bank account to invest in other assets at ease! This is called retiring ‘comfortably’. Commercial real estate investments give around 9% yield which is more than any other investment class.

While FDs, gold, and bonds can’t stand the inflationary environment, commercial real estate gives a hedge against inflation and serves you a capital appreciation accompanied by a steady income flow and future security. Let’s check out how commercial real estate can help you retire early with ease!

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