PropTech is transforming real estate investments in India and how Indians invest in REITs
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PropTech is transforming real estate investments in India and how Indians invest in REITs

Last updated - Oct 10th, 2022

Technology has evolved in almost every sector including real estate. Property technology i.e proptech has transformed real estate investments. In the earlier times, real estate investments were done using conventional methods. But now the introduction of AI(Artificial intelligence), blockchain, IoT, big data, etc has clearly benefited the sector and has made real estate investments more simpler and swift. A decade ago, no one would have thought that site visits would be done virtually with drones and that blockchain would secure all the data, so there were fewer frauds. But this is possible now and this is all because of PropTech.

According to the KPMG report, more than 62% of corporate companies now view proptech as an opportunity for better real estate investments. Proptech also has the advantage of reducing fraud and educating users about legal terms. Rather than relying on a third party and related companies for information, proptech can allow individuals to be their own experts while investing.

Nowadays many startups have adopted data-driven construction technology geospatial mapping and surveillance. This helps a developer to flag any errors or risk factors while constructing and delivering better quality projects to the consumers. Also, many real estate companies, with the help of AI are now able to target the right audience and gain a sales hike more effectively and within lesser time spans. PropTech has also spread awareness about commercial real estate investment amongst the middle-class sector and people are now taking the initiative to invest in online investment classes like REITs and fractional ownership. Now let's explore what else has impacted real estate investing with PropTech.

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