Benefits of investing in commercial properties in Gurgaon
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Benefits of investing in commercial properties in Gurgaon

By Dhaval Shah

Last updated - Nov 29th, 2022

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Location has become the most crucial factor for buying a property. Location is the key to good property appreciation, ROI, rental income, and rental yield. Hence, investing in a commercial property in investment hotspots can give you fascinating profits. Among major investment hotspots in Delhi NCR, Gurgaon is one location that can reap lucrative returns even with a small investment amount.

What's more? Gurgaon has a plethora of real estate investment options that can suit everyone's budget and financial strategy. Since the last decade, Gurgaon has been known to be India's fastest-growing real estate and IT market. If you are someone who's looking to invest in commercial property in Gurgaon, then this blog is for you!

Why invest in commercial properties in Gurgaon?

Delhi NCR is emerging as India's top real estate hotspot, spurred by the expanding startups and MNCs. Due to this positive trend, the region has picked up pace in its leasing activity in the commercial real estate market. In Q1 2022, the retail sector in Delhi NCR experienced a strong recovery. The recovery was sparked by new leases, store openings, and footfalls returning to pre-covid levels at upscale malls.

Gurgaon has become a favoured destination for many big industry players. Data centres are expected to occupy 10 million square feet of space in the region in the next three years. The emergence of data centres will provide a significant boost to real estate investors. Moreover, several infrastructural projects have been launched in Gurgaon this year. All these factors have increased Gurgaon's importance even more.

Gurgaon is one of the best cities in India to reside and work in. The city is popular with both international and Indian investors. The city offers a wide array of commercial properties, from small convenience stores and iconic office towers to industrial parks.

Initially, Gurgaon served as a call-centre hub, but now known as a millennium city, it hosts countless global corporations. Furthermore, numerous options for business investment are available in Gurugram, making it the dream destination for investors.

Benefits of investing in commercial property in Gurgaon

  • High returns -

Commercial properties in Gurgaon reap high returns. This is because the properties are located near and in investment hotspots. Apart from that, all sorts of commercial properties are available in Gurgaon. You can purchase a small warehouse/retail store or even a luxury mall! Whatever you purchase, the returns will always be on the higher side.

  • High standards of living -

People in Gurgaon often shop for essential items from malls and supermarkets like groceries. This is because of the affordability and comfort that these spaces provide them with. Also, the retail stores and malls near residential areas ensure maximum footfall.

  • Good location -

Commercial spaces in Delhi are located in prime locations with good connectivity. Shops and malls, and commercial hubs are close to metro stations. Hence, this allows one to find tenants, customers, or clients for their commercial property. Besides, if you have your own business, it can be convenient for you to find new talents across the city, as it becomes easy for people to commute daily.

  • Business Growth -

Commercial properties in Gurgaon are quite affordable and accessible, and Gurgaon is, all in all, a prime location in Delhi. Hence, it provides a lot of good returns and has a high scope of maximum footfall. Hence, Gurgaon properties are a beneficial investment for business growth, providing you with essential resources, talents, customers, and transport connectivity. Several foreign and domestic businesses have opened in the past few years. Financial and commercial centres are easy to classify. You can look forward to a bright future as a result of this. Now is the time to seize these opportunities.

  • Delhi and Noida are connected -

It is essential to consider Gurgaon's proximity to Delhi to understand its importance as a commercial hub. A 35-kilometre expressway can take you to the main city. Gurgaon is also home to IGI Airport. This makes it a great investment. It is the continuation to the southwest part of the city.

That's it! If this has gathered enough of your interest to buy a commercial property in Gurgaon, then PropReturns has galore options for you! Head to our property page and scroll through the variety of commercial properties in Gurgaon!

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